Essay On The Causes Of Russian Revolution

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“Is what you want? A miserable little bourgeois republic? In the name of the great Soviet republic of labour we declare war to the death on such a government!” (Bukharin, 1917) . The Russians were fed up of being poorly treated by their own country, so they decided to take a stance. By doing this, they overthrown the poorly run government as the Russian people were in favour of a new system that would work in their favour. The Russian Revolution was triggered by the social, political and economic problems, that combined caused the Russian people to rebel. This Revolution was triggered by the poverty of the Russian people, the loss from the wars, the sneakiness of Rasputin and the failure of the Tsar, Nicholas II. The social causes of the Russian Revolution arose from centuries of oppression towards the lower classes. The lower class had to deal with horrifying living standards and food shortages due to famine and World War 1. While rural agricultural peasants had been liberated from serfdom in 1861, they still resented paying redemption payments to the state and demanded communal tender of the land they worked. Increasing peasant troubles and sometimes full revolt occurred, with the goal of securing ownership of their land. Russia consisted mainly of poor farming peasants, with 1.5% of the population owning 25% of the land ( …show more content…

The failures of the wars Russia took part in damaged their economy even more than it already was. The extreme poverty of the Russian people and the overpopulation of the major cities making living condition dreadful. These factors put struggles on the Russian people and it made them very anger at the government. The Tsar, Nicholas II failures to lead the country properly and the consent bad decisions that was made caused outrage with the Russian people. All of these factors are the reason why the Russian Revolution in February 1917

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