Economic Causes Of The Cuban Revolution

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To what extent were the causes of Cuban revolution primarily social or political or economical? Specify long and short-term causes. The causes of the Cuban revolution were primarily long-term political factors. A lot of factors caused the revolution especially political factors, to a great extent, caused the revolution. These political factors included the long-lasting rivalry between Fulgencio Batista’s government and Fidel Castro’s political organization, “26th of July Movement” (“The Movement”). Batista’s policies moved the country to the edge of revolution. Followed by an economical cause but to a lesser extent. Cuba’s economic status and its social situation made most civilians to support the idea of revolution. These factors gathered together and formed the strength and caused the Cuban revolution. This essay will analyse the effectiveness and what kind of factors primarily caused the revolution to happen. It will explain how the political and economic causes link to the revolution and how deep was the impact. This essay …show more content…

Batista's acts and his dictatorial regime was long-term political causes that invoked the Cuban revolution. On March 10th, 1952, Batista faced the possibility of not being elected as the president so he seized power through a military coup. He expelled the president, cancelled the 1952 election and took control of the government. Historian Arthur Schlesinger described Batista's government as "Batista's policies and his corrupted government was an open invitation to revolution." Batista showed his dictatorial attitudes through taking control of the university, the press and the Congress. He decided to suspend the constitution and made deals with organized crime during the 1950's. He also allowed America to interfere Cuba's economy and manipulated the 1954 and 1958 presidential elections to make himself the sole

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