Russian Revolution Dbq Essay

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The Russians Fight Back Three outcome and causes of the Russian revolution were the large amount of peasant population, Russia joined the war when they knew that they couldn’t even pull their own weight, and communism took over Russia. The tsar joined the war thinking that he would gain nationalism and patriotism from the peasants.(doc.1).He thought that all the people would rush to sign up to fight for their country and support the tsar. The first months after joining the war were disastrous. The tsar had to steal from his people to give to the troops who had very little supplies. This lead to food shortages and inflation in Russia. (doc.1). What the tsar thought was going to happen did not and it lead to even more hatred towards the tsar. …show more content…

Since there was such a large peasant population it was easy for them to rebel and win. Many troops were just simply peasants in uniform and when the tsar order the soldiers to shoot the people rebelling they didn’t and the tsar had no power.(doc.2).These peasant were known as proletariats, the growing class of factory and railroad workers, miners, and urban wage earners.(doc.4).Lenin, the leader of the Bolshevik party spread the works of Karl Marx to many factory workers with other socialist.(doc.4).Lenin was profoundly affected by his older brother Alexander’s 1887 execution for being involved in a plot to assassinate the tsar.(doc.5).The peasants tried to make a petition to overthrow the tsar’s reign but he refused to meet with them.(doc.1)This gave the peasants almost no choice but to revolt. Finally, in March the tsar is overthrown and within about a day there were no signs of the tsar because the peasants had burned or taken down everything that even made you think of him. Little did the Russians know that it was more difficult to construct a government than to destroy

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