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The Soviet Union has been an enigma, but still, a very significant contributor to the history of the world. There have been many rulers in Soviet Union history. The Soviet Union has been through economic successes and downfalls, ages of terror, a world war, was once an ally of the United States, today is an enemy of the US. If we were to add the history from the Soviet Union to our textbooks , what information should be emphasized? There are many important areas about the Soviet Union, three of them are: cultural achievements, military strength and political repression. First of all one must note their one of huge achievement is to have a satellite in space this satellite was called Sputnik they also launched the first dog and woman into space( Document F). A cultural achievement of the Soviet Union is love for classical ballet (Document H). They recruit dancers when they’re children from all over the country. By the mid 1960s they had 19 ballet schools that successfully perform all over the country. Although they love the arts the Soviets are not soft people. militarily, Soviet Union has one of the strongest armaments in the world. …show more content…

The Soviet Union in 1980 spent 165 billion compare to US who spent 131 billion. The Soviet Union had 1398 missiles while the USA had 1054, the Soviet Union had 950 submarines while the USA had 656 Submarines. the Soviet Union has always been known for being competitive with their military. Document F states that they were first to send a satellite into space, even before the U.S. On October 1957 they sent ‘ Sputnik” the first satellite into space and within 7 years they sent the first dog, woman, and a man into space, before the US. Military achievement and running the country came at a cost to the

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