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The best way to answer any question is to be clear about what is being asked and to look only for the facts of that question. We are not being asked whether Joseph Stalin was a good person. The question is, what are the accomplishments of Joseph Stalin that improved his country and made it great? From this point, we can clearly identify what he did, as seen in the articles. Was Stalin beneficial to the USSR? Stalin was indeed good for the USSR, because he improved the economy by using collectivization farms, which led to an increase in quality of life. Although he did good for the country, he wanted prosperity and recognition more than anything, so he was willing to sacrifice his own citizens’ lives. Stalin was good for the USSR, because he changed the USSR’s economy positively by using sets of goals, called the “Five Year Plan”. The objective of this was to multiply production in manufacturing, like coal, oil, pig iron, and steel. According to Doc. 4, the USSR produced 35.4 million tons of coal, 11.7 million tons of oil, 3.3 million tons of iron, and 4 million tons of steel in 1927. With Stalin in office, these numbers increased greatly in 1932. According to the Background Doc., “Stalin implemented collectivization which combined all of the agricultural farms into large state-owned farms and forced the peasants to work on them, …show more content…

3). He viewed humans as the tool to accomplish his ideology. He forced people to work and live as he said. Millions suffered and died from starvation. The methods of getting to the top were not considered, just the end result. “He was determined to establish a sphere of influence that would safeguard Soviet periphery for all time.” (doc. 12) Stalin’s goal was to promote a great country, and he did. His footprint was left behind, as effects of his work is still shown throughout the previous countries of the

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