Similarities Between Hitler And Joseph Stalin

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Over history, many nations have had political leaders that have impacted the world. A Political leader is a leader who is heavily affiliated with their political party in pushing their ideologies and policies. They will change the course of history with their policies and influence their society. Many political leaders use methods such as force, promises, and deception to gain power. Two examples of political leaders who attained power and made a huge impact in their societies are Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler. Joseph Stalin was a communist dictator who used deception and violence to gain power and rise as dictator. He came to power in the Soviet Union after the previous leader Lenin had died. Russia needed a successor to replace Lenin. Obviously, …show more content…

To begin, Stalin transformed Russia into a Totalitarian state and began his Five-Year Plans for development of economy. Then, he later implemented one of his policy. Stalin put in practice the policy of Collectivization, in which the goal, were to increase the production of goods, shift from farming to machinery, and to form a collective farm. Stalin wanted to close all private farms and force all peasant farmers to be a part of the collective farm. In order, increase the food production for the state. Under Stalin's rule he wanted to used this for industrialize Soviet Union for preparation of future wars. However, many peasants refused to give away their farms, and even angrily destroyed their livestock and crops. Consequently, this limited the production of consumer goods and led to shortages in food - greatly affecting, the economy of the society. Nevertheless, this backfired his Five-Years Plan and is one of Stalin's major change, as a political leader. As a result this lead to the death of between 5 million to 10 million peasants, affecting Russia’s population and economy as a …show more content…

Hitler and Stalin both gained their positions when both of their countries were in need of leadership . Both of their policies demonstrate their dictatorship, and each made a negative impact on certain populations. Stalin’s policy led to the death of many peasants and Hitler’s policy caused the near extinction of the Jewish population. Although they brought negative consequences, these policies played a role in moving Russia and Germany away from dictatorship, to their present style of government today. Therefore, both countries learned from the past errors of their former dictators, and didn't want to repeat them. In reality, without Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler, the current government of these two countries would be completely

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