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In the world there have been different kinds of leaders, both good and bad. One such is Peggy from the story King Peggy by Peggielene Bartels and Eleanor Herman. Peggy was a woman from Otuam Ghana, who worked at the embassy in Washington D.C. She was called one day to become the king of her village Otuam. Joseph Stalin was another example of a leader with a strong following. Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union. According to Wikipedia Stalin ruled from the 1920s – 1950s. He made Russia into a communist country. Although they both wanted to address corruption in their communities, Peggy and Stalin ruled very differently because of the way they treated their people, and how they made decisions for them.
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For example, Peggy decided to let her people choose a religion for themselves. Also, people in Otuam were allowed to hold religious ceremonial events for past ancestors. Peggy embraced her ancestor's religion, and she also prayed to them when she needed help. In contrast, Stalin banned religion for every person. He also promoted atheism through schools, and he even killed people that tried to promote any religion. Stalin as well demolished churches all around Russia. Those decisions made Peggy and Stalin different from each other. It also showed that Peggy was thoughtful, and cared about what she did. Stalin made decisions to control people, instill fear, and to get power.
In conclusion, Peggy and Stalin ruled very differently due to the treatment of their people, and their decision making. Also, one of the reasons Peggy was a good person was because she wanted to help her village. Stalin was not a good person since he didn’t care what anyone thought. Peggy and Stalin each made their own minds on how they wanted to rule. That’s what separates the good people from the bad. So in all whether someone ruled a village or a country. If that person is good or bad, that would determine how that place would end up, and how its citizens would be

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