Lenina's Contradictions In Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

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What is a perfect world? Is it only a dream where people can be happy, or have an abundance of food , or better yet, a world where humans live in harmony with themselves and their environment? What makes a perfect world is different for each individual. However, people can usually agree on what makes the world a terrible place. Whether it is war, famine, environmental issues, most people acknowledge these as detrimental to ways of life. In Brave New World Aldous Huxley uses Lenina's contradictions to undermine the so called utopia of the World State, and to show how ignorance can alter the judgement of ethics and morality. In the beginning, Huxley sets Lenina as naïve and almost idiotic character for the audience to view. Lenina is meant …show more content…

When Lenina becomes infatuated with John, she begins to lose all of her former morals. Instead of wanting to be with everyone Lenina begins her focus on just John. Lenina's obsession with John directly contradicts the World State's idea of having everyone. Lenina expresses to John that she "wanted you so much", which implies that Lenina was focused on John, when there were plenty of other options.(Huxley 130) Huxley wants again illustrates how Lenina is confused because she starts to feel a sort of love for John, but still recognizes her morals. She later tells John to "kiss me till I'm in a coma", which is against John's morals(Huxley 131). While Lenina has learned portions about John's culture, she still doesn’t fully understand John's convictions, and out of marriage John would not do such a thing. Her ignorance of John's culture is there to show how her lack of knowledge influences how she perceives her own morals compared to John's morals. She couldn't possibly fully understand John's ethics, because they are directly adverse to each other, and Lenina's conditioning was too strong to overcome. Huxley effectively uses Lenina's contradictions in the end to continue the idea that ignorance can alter

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