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The hidden one chapter As soon as you read this chapter you will understand the truth about the things that seems to have an explanation but it does not. Lenina always was concerned about why john never wanted to have sex with her, when john was in the savage reservation, he always was furious due the situation that he was living, his mother was a whore and he could not do anything about it.. One night his mom came home drunk and went toward him. - You are a handsome boy said Linda, stroking John’s face - Thanks mom - John reply - Come on boy, give me a kiss, said Linda, touching his body - John scared said - Mom I think that you have to fall asleep, you seems to be tired - Do not worry my love; just close your eyes……. John overwhelmed run away and hide in his room, Linda was Uncontrollable, she was chasing him, and john did not understand why? she was his mother. Linda catches him and forces John to have sex with her. …show more content…

John grew up with that trauma, but after all, he loves his mother. When Bernard and Lenina invited them to go to London, john was happy because he thought he could save his mom. When they arrived to London, Mustaphan did not agree with Linda and john presence, Lenina went to john’s room and seduce him with the objective to sleep with him, but john was traumatized due to the problem that he had with her mom, so he acts weird with her. - What is wrong with you jhon? Asked lenina - This is wrong lenina, you cannot just have sex with

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