Joseph Stalin Propaganda

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Two men named Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were the faces of totalitarian dictators. These two men wanted to have control of everyone and everything and they did their job to accomplish it. Although Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin ruled two totally different countries, they had the same thoughts on how to rule their countries, which was using killing tactics, propaganda, and wanting their country to be the biggest and strongest there is.
While Democracies prefer people to have an input on things, a totalitarian system does not. These systems don 't allow people to have an input or freedom. The leaders of this dictatorship barely pay attention to what the people have to say. Totalitarian rulers make an attempt to take control of the people …show more content…

"Propaganda is persuasive and biased information that is used to sway opinions against or in favor of a cause" ("Propaganda"). Propaganda in other countries is used as a way to get people to support what the leader is saying. People use propaganda for gathering products, persuading people, and it is often used for political campaigns or for wars. There are a lot of forms of propaganda. "Many types of propaganda exist, including bandwagon, card-stacking, glittering generalities, name-calling, plan folks, testimonial, and transfer propaganda" ("Propaganda"). Even with all of these types of propaganda, one message is still being sent and that message is to influence thinking in a particular way ("Propaganda"). In 1933, when the Nazis took over, Germany was way ahead of other countries all because they had a propaganda program already established. Hitler used propaganda to belittle the Jewish people so that they would feel horrible about themselves. People in Germany wanted to impress Hitler by pursuing in the propaganda being done. "Most Nazi propaganda was intended to build up the image of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler..." ("Propaganda and Wars"). How Hitler thought about the Jewish people was that they were evil and couldn 't be trusted at all. Hitler also believed that the Jews were considered an enemy of Germany. Therefore, wanting to belittle them so they would get out of the country ("Propaganda and Wars"). During Joseph Stalin 's dictatorship, he used many forms of propaganda. For example, Stalin would arrest citizens if they showed signs of anti-Soviet agitation. People in the Soviet Union could not have a public opinion. If the people said what they thought, then most likely it would be distilled by the Communist party or police reporters and informants. Stalin also used tactics such as raising the price of food, lowering wages, and raising taxes

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