Hitler Vs Stalin Dbq Essay

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After World War I had ended in November 11, 1918 with the victory of the Allies, the people of many nations were in distraught. They had sought the leader they hoped would bring back their nations glory and prosperity. Some even hoped for even better than before the World War. Through all this chaos and distraught even more had been produced as few stepped up to lead the people of the nations. These few people had held all the power through a totalitarian government which centralizes all the government’s power to one person known as a dictator. Two such dictators were the infamous Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Union’s Stalin. Both ruled with an iron fist and demanded full support of their system whether they used terror or plain appeal. Totalitarianism, …show more content…

One characteristic is constant fear. Hitler used this power to support Anti-Semitism and create fear of opposition throughout Germany. He was also able to issue Nazi-led mobs to attack jewish communities on November 9 and 10 of 1938. Stalin had issued the liquidation of kulaks or wealthy peasants in 1929. This had created poor harvests in 1932 and was known as the Terror Famine. Some even had “a system of terroristic police control” (Doc 1) at their disposal such as Hitler who named them the Gestapo who would root out opposition. Another characteristic is life was full of oppression. In Nazi Germany Hitler had felt that “a hierarchy was created in which everyone has somebody above him to submit to and somebody beneath him to feel power over” (Doc 8). He had also created concentration camps before his reign to send Jews (scapegoats for the struggle of Germany) and anyone who would oppose his regime and ideals of the Nazis. One more characteristic is social media was supportive of the party in control. Hitler had used propaganda to promote Anti-Semitism among the Germans during his rise to power. Cubans were not allowed to read books, publish magazines or newspapers unless they were approved by the government. All literature was approved by the government because all of it was published by the …show more content…

“An increasing number of people were tortured or executed without trial or sentence” (Doc 5) under Hitler’s rule. Cubans were oppressed by their government which deprived them of social freedom, economic freedom and even political freedom due to the Communist Party wanting to hold their power. No one was allowed to “communicate freely with foreign journalists” (Doc 6). In all totalitarian states everyone had to constantly watch what they said and what they did due to the party in control wanting to be absolutely in power and any opposition was eliminated. They held so much power, one man, “Dr. Ulrich georg Israel Schulz, from Prague, born on 8 June 1897 in Prague, was lawfully shot by police” (Doc 7) in an

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