Role Of Propaganda In International Communication

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The Role of Propaganda in the History of International Communication Propaganda has an important role in shaping international communication. As a mean to achieve political pursuit, propaganda affects how conflicts between nations are manipulated. Propaganda has been distributed through various formats and media. This writing will consider radio and films as important channels of propaganda in the history of international communication. Then, it will briefly discuss the reciprocal connection between propaganda and the history of international communication. Propaganda and politics are interrelated. Politics often require the use of propaganda to reinforce its legitimacy and achieve its purpose; similarly, propaganda may affect political situation by shifting public opinion. As an outline of how propaganda can be exploited as a political tool, one might consider the following scenario. When the government wants to achieve its ideal of certain policy, it might use messages that give positive light to this policy. The purpose of these messages is to gain acceptance from the people, because their lack of acceptance will undermine the legitimacy of the government. Once the propaganda achieves its goal, however, the people will view the policy favorably. They will be less likely to revolt against the government. Thus, the government can maintain its legitimacy and domination while pursuing policy that it favors. Governments have utilized propaganda to control their positions

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