Propaganda In Casablanca

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Casablanca, a Romantic Propaganda Introduction Casablanca is one the classic Hollywood movie which is one of the most critically acclaimed Hollywood movies of all time and also very famous. Casablanca is a romance story that happens during World War II but the question is does it end there? Is Casablanca just a Romance movie? In this essay, I will be discussing how the movie Casablanca which is one of the most famous and critically acclaimed films of all time is a propaganda movie and what message is sending and the effects that propaganda movies make and why it’s important for governments. The Importance of propaganda for governments. Propaganda is a very powerful tool for governments it’s one of the most effective ways of controlling …show more content…

Casablanca, unlike many other propaganda films, doesn’t look like a propaganda movie to many of the viewers, it might just look like a romantic movie and even till today there are many people who don’t know Casablanca is a propaganda film and I believe that made this film more effective as a propaganda movie. I believe watching a propaganda film knowing it’s a propaganda film and the aim It was made for it doesn’t get the message across nearly as effective as it would not knowing it’s a propaganda mean. Chomsky argues “If the media were honest, they would say, look, here are the interests we represent and this is the framework within which we look at things. This is our set of beliefs and commitments. That’s what they would say, very much as their critics say. For example, I don’t try to hide my commitments, and the Washington Post and New York Times shouldn’t do it either. However, they must do it because this mask of balance and objectivity is a crucial part of the propaganda function. In fact, they actually go beyond that. They try to present themselves as adversarial to power” (Chomsky, 1993) this movie other than trying to justify America’s Intervention in World War II also has other propaganda messages such as showing America as a land of freedom and opportunity and safe haven for the victims and a place that everyone dreams of going and through this movie there have been so many scenes showing people in dream of going to America and it can be even said that almost all of the characters unless the ones who have power and money in Casablanca desire to go to America and are willing to do anything for

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