Who Was Joseph Stalin A Hero

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Stalin was a great leader of the USSR. He did some great things for that country but he also did some things that were foolish and were bad for the country. His industrialization of Russia was a good plan but he killed many people while doing it. The Stakhanovite movement and starting up collectivization, made him a hero. The part with putting the people in the camps for collectivization, the forced labor camps, and him spreading terror would be how he is a villain.

I believe that Stalin was a hero. Stalin showed the exact kind of leadership the USSR needed at the time. He realized if Russia was to defend against the Germans that he had to modernize Russia quickly and at all costs. He also knew that if he was going to guarantee national survival and his own success that he had to crush all opposition. The country had to become a disciplined monolith in order for it to survive and that is exactly what he did.

His five year plans were one of the big reasons that he is a hero. These plans were to industrialize the USSR. The first plan was to rapidly industrialize and initiate the …show more content…

In order to achieve industrialization, Stalin had to modernize agriculture. There had to be enough food for both the workers and to transport grain abroad to help raise money for industry. Stalin decided that if he was going to be able to do this that he needed to take over all of the farms and make them larger. The agreement was that at the end of every harvest, that farmers needed to turn over some of their produce and in return the government would provide them with supplies and teach them how to produce more. This policy was not popular with the peasants. They would have rather torched their fields, kill their cattle, and destroy all of their supplies than do that and that is exactly what they did. Statins response to that was to liquidate all of those people who refused and send them to labor camps in Urals and

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