Argumentative Essay: Is Frankenstein A Hero?

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Is Frankenstein a Hero?

(An Analysis of the Story Frankenstein)

The story Frankenstein can be interpreted differently by many people. Some people may view Frankenstein as a hero. Others however, stick with the traditional idea that he is a monster. Many people have a set opinion on who they think Frankenstein is. My opinion; however, is not a set opinion. I can see where both sides are coming from and agree with both ideas. In my opinion, Frankenstein could be seen as both a monster and a hero.

To begin, there are obvious reasons as to why Frankenstein can be seen as a monster. The biggest reason, of course is because he literally created a monster. He brought to life a person who was dead. The monster he created was good at first. Things …show more content…

A tragic hero is a person who begins in a high level in society but then falls to a low level because of some great flaw in his character. Frankenstein could be seen as a person who was in a high level of society. This is because he came from a wealthy family in Geneva. His good life could be seen in the quote, “No human being could have passed a happier childhood than myself. My parents were possessed by the very spirit of kindness and indulgence.” However, he does fall to a low level because of his bad character. He feels like a low person because the monster he created hurt many people. Because of these events, Frankenstein can easily be seen as a tragic hero.

Clearly, there are many opinions on if Frankenstein is a hero or a monster. Many people think he is a monster because of the fact that he created a monster. Others, may think he could be seen as a hero because of the advances in technology that he encouraged. Not only that, but he could also be seen as a tragic hero. Though everyone has their own opinion, I personally believe that he is neither a monster or a hero. I could argue both sides and I have a very central

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