The Meaning Of The Monster In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Do you consider the monster a human?
We are already know the meaning of human, but are we know what the monster is? The monster in people’s mind generally is the one who has horribleness, ugliness, or the unnatural body. Will it have some people do not look only appearance but his or her heart. The monster in Frankenstein is the one who is hated because of his ugliness. His form is unpleasant, but his spirit may be human. There are two-sided about this. Most people consider that the monster in the story is not a human, in my view he is true human. Most people consider that the monster in the story is not a human because of his birth and vitality. Firstly, he was created form a man. Some people believe that human should be built by God. He …show more content…

The significant circumstance are his linguistic and emotional development. At the first time he is alive, he cannot speak anything like a baby just was born, then he learn language from his protector in the cottage. According to the theories of Noam Chomsky has said humans have mechanisms to recognize the language since birth. During the latter, he has high language development; for example, “What I ask of you is reasonable and moderate; I demand a creature of another sex, but as hideous as myself; the gratification is small, but it is all that I can receive, and it shall content Me.” (From Frankenstein page 112) this show us that he is specializes in language because he use ancient language. Not only language but also his emotion are developmental. He felt guilty about to slander Justin that she is murderer. Moreover he feel lonely and want victor to help him by created a female monster. Victor agreed at first but when he was creating a female monster, he kill her. That make the monster very angry. This shows that the monster has variety of emotions as humans. He also has reason that make he like human. According to Aristotle’s concept that human is rational animal, so the monster is a person. He think before he do a thing; for example, when he saw Justine, he want to wake her up. Then he know that Justin will scream and he will be arrested, so he left portrait with Justine to slander her and escape. This show us the

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