Why Do You Think Frankenstein's Creature Is Human Essay

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Do you think Frankenstein 's creature is human? In Gris Grimley 's Frankenstein, Victor had created an intelligent creature that when to some good and bad with the encounters he made by other people, He wanted a mate to share happiness and emotions with, like other human beings. I believe that Victor 's creature is human. The creature is considered human because he shows feelings to other people, including Victor and he desires to be happy with a mate that would not be disgusted by him. To begin with, the creature is defined as human because he talks and thinks like a regular human being. When Victor was reunited with the creature on page 83, the creature has defined himself as "benevolent" and that his "soul glowed with love …show more content…

In Gris Grimley 's Frankenstein many people see the creature as disgusting, murder, and a breast, but the creature as many similarities towards being a human. Victor has never seen him as being a human, he refers to him as a wrench, a devil, and a murder. He sees him as a detested form.” (85). However, the humans in the book only refer to the creature as a "monster" only for his appearance. While the couple remained out of the cottage, he creature makes his way into talking to the old man, which was blind and was not able to see anyone who is talking in front of him. The old man didn 't judge him for having no friends or for being unable to see him, but instead said “Do not despair. To be friendless is indeed to be unfortunate; but the hearts of men are full of brotherly love and charity."(105) This encouraged the creature to take more action by asking him and his family to be friends, but since the creature was only seen "monster" because of his appearance, the couple had begun to punch him, where he started to dash out of the cottage and was overcome with pain. This shows that the creature is only judge as not being a human, but if you stop to think and hear him, he is close enough to becoming a human being with his knowledge and

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