Loss Of Humanity In Frankenstein Essay

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In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein brings his creation to life and has to endure the repercussions of his actions. While Victor is in fact human, the question of whether the creature or Victor is more human still stands. Humanity is demonstrated as compassionate in the book and monstrosity is the opposite. The creature is more human because of his developed personality and desire to be human. Victor, although born into a humane family, evolved into everything bad about humanity; he developed obsession, resentment, and manipulated life to conform to his idealities. Therefore, Victor is the real monster. Humanity is demonstrated through the people who have relations with the creature and Victor. Victor’s family is close and …show more content…

Like stated before, the monster learned what it is to be human by observing the family in the cabin. He had the desire, and was passionate, to be human and to have those relations associated with humanity. The monster is essentially a newborn baby with a fully developed brain. As he watches the family, he is watching with an innocent mind; he hasn’t been corrupted by the standards of society. The monster explains to Victor that the “trait of kindness moved [him] sensibly,” and that he thought “it might be in [his] power to restore happiness to [the] deserving people” (97, 100). This shows the humanity in the monster and his tendency to be amiable. He was also able to learn from his mistakes. For example, the creature realized that he needed to stop stealing the family’s supplies after he noticed how much they needed them. Victor, however, didn’t learn from his mistake of creating the monster, and created another. The monster also refers to the family in the cabin as “[his] friends” when they didn’t know of his existence (103). He despised the monster he believed he is; he stated that “when [he] heard the details of vice and bloodshed, [his] wonder ceased, and [he] turned away with disgust and loathing” (104). Therefore, he realized his flaws, which Victor failed to

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