Essay About The Monster In Frankenstein

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In Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, Victor Frankenstein spends two whole years toiling to create a being which is comprised of the body parts of various dead corpses, for the purposes of science. Finally, he creates the “monster”, who commits a multitude of crimes, resulting in the deaths of many innocent people.These horrific murders raise many questions concerning who is to be held accountable. Victor walked away from the situation he created instead of facing his actions. If he had chosen to stay this could have prevented the heinous crimes committed by the monster as a result of Victor’s mental and emotional Neglect. Victor Frankenstein is guilty of not only negligence, but also the crimes the monster commits as they were a direct result …show more content…

One of the most significant of these deaths was Justine. She was working as a servant and when William died she was wrongfully accused of the murder. At the time of this occurrence Frankenstein intentionally does not mention his creation, as this would reflect poorly on himself. Justine was then executed leaving no one but Victor to blame, when he realizes the outcome he utters these words, “A thousand times rather would I have confessed to render her happy life, now all was to be obliterated, and I the cause!”, this clearly exemplifies how Victor is responsible for the actions of his creation (Shelley Ch.9). This unquestionably exhibits his egocentric conventions as he places himself above everyone else even in matters of life and death. Furthermore, if Victor himself is willing to take responsibility for her death then it becomes unambiguous as to whether he should be held accountable for the actions of his creation. Throughout the story, the monster struggles with the repercussions brought about by his creator which leave him in turmoil. He does eventually overcome these obstacles, although it is undoubtedly too late. The monster was deserted without an advocate to speak for him, as his appearance would not allow him the opportunity to be heard. Despite the monsters revolting appearance he still manages to display many human characteristics such as compassion, love, and intelligence. Victor is both guilty of negligence and the murders, as he did not guide his creation is the ways a creator

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