Brief Summary Of Frankenstein

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The novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is set in the 18th century and begins with Robert Walton’s introductory frame narrative. Robert is an ambitious seafarer writing a series of letters to his sister, Margaret Saville, while he is away at sea. In his letters, Robert informs Margaret of the stranger he’s encountered during his voyage. The stranger is seemingly Victor Frankenstein, who, after Robert nurses back to health, shares his story, marking the shift in narrative. Victor begins by describing his upbringing and more specifically the drive for science present from a young age. Victor’s family adopts Elizabeth Lavenza when he is five years old, whom he deems someone of his possession almost immediately. Victor leaves for the University of …show more content…

Victor is reluctant, but agrees in order to keep his family safe. He then leaves his home to begin the process of creation once again, but suspects that the monster is following him. Victor is overwhelmed by the infinite dark possibilities that would present themselves if he were to provide his monster with a female companion. So after finding the monster watching him work through a window, he destroys his work. Enraged, the monster kills Henry and plants the evidence on Victor. After his acquittal, Victor returns home and marries Elizabeth. On the night before their wedding, Victor leaves to confront the monster, only to return and find the monster taunting him with Elizabeth’s lifeless body. Victor’s father dies of grief, leading Victor to seek revenge, marking the shift to Robert Walton’s concluding frame narrative. Robert acknowledges that much like Victor, he is overly-ambitious, and therefore agrees to head home. Victor dies shortly after, and Robert later discovers the monster mourning over Victor’s corpse, full of remorse and regret. The monster’s feelings towards himself draw parallels to those of

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