Frankenstein Chapter Summaries

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Part 7 - Chapter 24-End
Victor decides Geneva now since his whole family is dead. He decides to follow the monster and try to kill him. Months later is when he finds the ship that is stuck in the ice and climbs aboard on a the brink of death. We are now back to present time with Victor just finishing telling his story and Walton writing letters. It goes back to letters that Walton is writing to his sister. He says that he believes Victor and doesn’t think his story is a lie. He talks about how after the crew begged him to turn back, he agrees they will come back to England after the ice melts. Victor dies and they keep his body in a room by himself. After a few days Walton hears noises coming from the room. There shouldn’t …show more content…

He says that he will be to busy with the girl that he won’t have enough time to kill. Karl says that he will check in on the progress to make sure it is going well. Victor’s dad asks why Victor is so sad and is worried that it is because he and Elizabeth are supposed to get married. Victor says that he is excited to marry Elizabeth but not until after he finishes his project for the monster. Victor and Henry go to England to work on the project but Victor decides that he needs to work alone and asks Henry to let him be by himself. Victor works on the project and hates it the whole time. He thinks it is …show more content…

On her deathbed she asks Victory and Elizabeth to get married. Soon after Victor leaves and goes and studies and learns everything the professors have taught him and more. He studies how the body is built and what happens to the body when it dies. He then figures out how to make life. He works at home day and night to build his creature, slowly starting to go crazy. He eventually gets it to come alive and it scares him so much that he leaves his apartment. Henry shows up and they go back to the apartment, but the monster is gone. Victor then becomes sick thinking about his family and the monster. A letter comes from Elizabeth that makes Victor feel better. After he gets better he shows Henry around the college and they go on a walk through the country.
p 54 “‘Dear, dear, Elizabeth!’ I exclaimed as I read her letter.” - Victor
Victor is saying how excited he is that he got a letter from Elizabeth. It makes him feel better instantly. It shows how much he missed her.
When I went to Germany with our German class I thought about how I would have liked to receive a letter. It would have been cool to hear from my family.
The plot was more exciting in this section. I enjoyed reading it a lot more. The story is becoming easier to understand the more I read it.
What happened to the creature?

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