Frankenstein Was Wrong Essay

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“What Victor Did Wrong to His Creation” Frankenstein By: Draven Baker Introduction: The Book Frankenstein has many themes, exhibitions from the bible, and modern debates in the book. The book begins with a man by the name of Robert Walton, a Captain of a ship. They find someone floating adrift on the ice sheets of the North Pole. Walton and his crew take the man who claims to be a scientist that is hunting a creation he created with his long studies. Which he describes as a crime against nature and everything normal about the world. Victor begins to tell Walton his story and why he is hunting the monster before he dies of his ailments. However, during his story, Walton wrote the story down and Victor tells him to kill the monster but Walton and his men do not and leave The Crime Against Nature: …show more content…

He would move all over Italy, However after his aunt's death they would adopt Elizebeth, his cousin. After a few years, Victor would attend Ingolstadt where he would begin his education to be a scientist, possibly because of his mother who died of scarlet fever. After he studies chemical processes and the decay of living things, he gains knowledge about the creation of life and death. So he begins the process to give life to a creature that he soon considers an abomination and does not even give him a name. Victor states this when he says, “But now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust has filled my heart.” (Ch. 5, Para. 3, Pg. 49). After his hatred of the monster Victor soon abandons him and the monster unaware of the world around him quickly sees how cold it

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