Internal Conflict In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein is a very curious person about how things are made. This curiosity started when he was 15 years old. Mary Shelley uses writes, “I beheld a stream of fire issue from an old and beautiful (Shelley 26),” “the dazzling light vanished the oak had disappeared, and nothing remained by a blasted stump” (Shelley 26), to emphasize Victors awe in how thunder and lighting worked. Victor wanted to know anything and everything after that incident happened. This was the spark of his imagination. In Mary Shelley’s book Frankenstein, she utilizes Victor acting and trying to be god-like to illustrate how being god-like does not always lead to happiness. The monster, that Victor Frankenstein creates with the power of electricity, …show more content…

Victor becomes madden and sick from seeing how his creation looks. As the book goes on the reader can see Victor becoming inhuman as the monster is becoming human. There are a lot of consequences that Victor has to face not only with himself but also his family and the monster. Victors has an internal conflict with himself, he blames himself for creating a creator that kills his family and friend (Oates 3). When Victor's first family member,William. is killed by strangulation Victor automatically thinks the monster kills him and in truth the monster does kill William. Also, Victor blames himself for Justine's death, who was accused of murdering William. The next person to get murdered is Henry Clerval, who was a dear friend to Victor and Victor blames himself again for this death. Victor destroys the monsters potential mate and to get back at Victor, the monster takes the person most dear to him, Elizabeth and kills her on their wedding night. Victor’s father dies when he hears Elizabeth is dead.This is the part when Victor has lost everyone dear to him and he is left with nothing except the urge to destroy his creation, the

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