Allusions In Frankenstein Analysis

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Mary Shelley 's, Frankenstein, depicts the inevitable downfall of Victor Frankenstein, the doctor who created a monster that in the end destroys him. From the start of the novel, Victor tries his best to catch the monster who is running north. From there Victor begins to tell the story of his miscreation, and all the disasters the monster causes. Shelley 's novel is combined with a variation of allusions that showcase her work and enhances the novel 's overall meaning. Shelley utilizes the allusion from the story of Prometheus to recreate the character of Victor that comes from the Greek legend that Prometheus was created with the ability to mold humans. In the legend, Prometheus develops sympathy for the humans he molds so he would steal …show more content…

In the novel the monster implores Victor to create an “Eve” for him to be with. Before Victor was thinking, he agreed to create a partner for the monster but following contemplation, Victor noticed the ramifications that would come into play, so he decided not to create “Eve” and destroy the idea. The allusion was created to connect the biblical story of Adam and Eve. In this allusion Shelley makes the role of Victor to represent God and the monster to represent Eve. In the biblical story of Adam and Eve, one of the reasons God made Eve was so that Adam was not lonely. Since Victor does not create an “Eve” for the monster, it marks a turning point for the novel and increases the monsters craving for a companionship, which Victor has refused to give him. Once Victor destroys “Eve” for good, the monster goes on a frenzy and decides to rebel against Victor. The monster seeks vengeance and decided to want to destroy Victor’s family, as Victor did so to the monsters. The monster strangles William to death and made it look like Justine did it by framing her and putting William’s locket in her dress. After Victor marries Elizabeth, the monster also kills her. Victor is now on a downward spiral that eventually leads him to chasing after the monster, that leads us back to the present. The chain of events that occurs within the novel between the monster and Victor led to Victor 's downfall and eventually his death. Shelley 's main purpose for adding the chain of events on the

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