How Does Victor Change In Frankenstein

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I am choosing to write my essay over Victor’s creation, ‘’the creature’’, This character not only inspired me, he proved to me that some people can change, they just have to have the willingness to do it. From the beginning of the story, down to the last sentence of the book, I noticed change. The story started from the moment the creature opened his eyes. From knowing nothing to being the most intelligent character in the book, he had come a long way. The creature had to figure out everything on his own, he was never taught one thing from his creature, except what a coward looks like. If Victor were to step in and be a ‘’father’’, the creature wouldn’t have turned out that way. How could such a nice thing be treated so badly? It’s just like how some people don’t like you for no reason. The creature never meant any harm, but unfortunately he did, but only because he didn’t know any different. When, all he ever wanted was to be loved and to feel accepted into the world. …show more content…

The more we understood the creature, the more we were supposed to feel bad for him. No one is to blame for the creature’s actions, but Victor. Instead, he blames anyone he can other than himself. As for Victor, he never changed, showed no emotion towards the creature, just so blank. I feel as if the creature thought he needed Victor, when he really didn’t because he didn’t need him in order to gain his own form of

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