Victor Frankenstein's Views On Society, Justice And Injustice

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Throughout this novel, we learn the views of the creature that Victor Frankenstein created. His views on society, justice, and injustice. When he is first created, he seeks to be accepted by society despite his appearance. However, the events he experiences shape his views. Victor Frankenstein, the DeLacey family, and the father and daughter he meets throughout his journey do not accept him. Why? Because society always judges one thing: appearance.
First, Victor Frankenstein. When Victor created the monster, he wanted to do what his professor told him to do. To unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation. He fulfills this and creates the creature. Victor is horrified by the monster's appearance however. He later abandons the creature despite being his own successful creation. What does this say about the creature? If its own creator was horrified, then the rest of society would be horrified as well, but the creature does not know this. He was abandoned and left alone. He wanted to be accepted by society, but he did not know that his appearance would cause others to be horrified. This alone was injustice. It is unfair to judge someone solely because of their appearance. …show more content…

His appearance was why he was judged this way. Society viewed him as a monster based on his appearance and not what was on the inside. This sort of judgement and hatred towards his appearance was injustice. The only justice in the book was when the blind man listened and spoke to the creature and when he saved the drowning girl. All of the injustice came from the drowning girl's father, Victor, and the rest of the DeLacey family. The creature's views were warped by all of this. Even when he learned to read, write, and speak, he learned to love others, but after all of this, he could not. If society learned to stop judging only appearance, the creature himself would have lived a better life. Not a life consumed by

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