The Theme Of Mistreatment In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In the film Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein the theme of mistreatment based off physical appearance is portrayed through Frankenstein 's monster.The society is often fearful of the creature and made judgements of his actions based solely off his disturbing physical appearance, without knowing his true characteristics. Even Victor, the man who created the fearful monster eventually abandons him because he is is appalled by his creation. He believed that by creating a being made of the finest parts, the end result would be of equal quality, but when the monster awakens, Victor can see what he has created and recognises that he has done wrong. The creation of an unnatural being, by unnatural means ultimately disgusts Victor. Victor 's rejection of his creation " is based upon the fact that he had worked night and day, at the expense of his own health and family, to "birth" his "son." Upon seeing the creature come to life, the limbs which he chose for their beauty became terrifying to him. The pieces, sewn together, did not have the beauty they did when they existed as individual body parts. Victor, alienates the creature." His interests no longer revolve around creating new life. Instead, his concerns revolve around never having to see what the creature e so carelessly created again.The appearance based society in which the creature live in revolt in fear and disgust upon seeing him in the streets, they blame him for the cause of the plague and mob him and attempt to

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