Moral And Ethical Dilemmas In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Throughout the novel, the main character Frankenstein, made many poor decisions that I would consider to be morally wrong and unethical. Frankenstein’s research and discoveries are ethically wrong because he was taking dead bodies from cemeteries, cutting off their limbs, and body parts to create a human like creature. He did not have anyone's consent to do this study causing it to be unethical, and he also should not be able to do this because he is playing the role of god. In the beginning of the book, Victor Frankenstein described to Walton that he had created a monster using body parts from a graveyard. One night, he brought the creature to life and it frightened him so much that he left the monster alone in the lab room. This is the first …show more content…

He spends almost a year watching and learning from the family. He learned the language and how to communicate with others. He finds papers in the clothes he found in the lab room. These papers describe how the monster was made, and it makes the monster very upset leading him to feel lonely. He has a hatred for Frankenstein and how he left him all alone. This would be similar to leaving a baby all alone and making it fend for himself when they do not know the basic needs to live. In addition of this Frankenstein became a threat to others because of his sheer size. The monster was traveling to find Frankenstein and once he reaches town he finds a little boy; the boy tells the monster that his brother is Frankenstein and the creature kills him out of hatred for his creator. The boy has to pay the price of death due to his brother’s wrong decisions and actions and frames Justine by putting the locket in her dress. Frankenstein is requested to make a female monster to live with the creature so that he will not be so lonely. Frankenstein starts this project by taking more body parts from a graveyard again and decides not to finish it, leaving the monster alone once again. This is another morally wrong idea in the book because the monster has to live alone with no one he can talk to or relate with. He is forced into isolation by Frankenstein's

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