The Creature Is Human In Gris Grimly's Frankenstein

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Have you ever judged a person by how they look? Or Ran away from your problem but they seem to come back and haunt you? Well in the book Gris Grimly 's Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein had created a creature so horrible looking that he ran away from it. Everyone believed that he wasn’t a human being, but I believe that everything he 's done was the most humane thing he could have done. The creature was a kind and "benevolent soul" that cared for everyone until he would be turned away from humanity all because he looked different. The creature learned what "bitter indignation" was and how to be "cruel" based on the way the villagers and his own creator treated him. The Creature is human because he has all the same emotional traits as we do, he may not look like us, but the thing that makes us human is making mistakes, " My feeling hurt. My heart aches. I cry. I feel sorry for myself. I get angry. I make mistakes. I love. I admire. I adore. I give. I try. I make mistakes. I am only human." When the creature had been with the family in the woods, he learned the "...vices of mankind." (Frankenstein, 101). As a matter of fact, the creature "looked upon crime as a distant evil" and believed that "generosity were ever present before me." (Frankenstein, 101). As time passed, the creature learns that not everyone is filled with kindness as the family he was with but that there were people like the "barbarous villagers" he encountered when he had first woken up (Frankenstein, 93).

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