Victor Frankenstein Selfish Quotes

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The creature is wretched from the moment he is given life, and is immediately abandoned by his creator (34). He is rejected and hated, for no reason other than the fact that he exists, by no choice of his own, but rather as the result of Frankenstein’s obsession with knowledge. The first time he is even privy to any show of kindness is after he has fled and hidden himself in a cellar. He has no capacity for language and has only known fear and disdain. He receives his education by watching a poor, but gentle family as they interact with one another. He learns to speak, write, and read. The creature comes to terms, somewhat, with his identity through his reading of Paradise Lost. He finds himself to be like Adam in that he was made as the first …show more content…

Again, he is rejected and cast out, and the happiness he had hoped for is crushed. His last attempt at finding kindness in others is also unsuccessful, as even after saving the life of a child, he is shot (92). He seeks retribution for his wretched existence, and blames his creator for his life, and murders the younger brother of Victor. After being rejected again by his creator, who refuses to concede to the only request that the creature makes, which is to make a companion for him, his own Eve in a world where he is otherwise totally alone, the creature enacts retribution in killing those that Frankenstein loves. When Victor dies on Walton’s ship, the creature in all his despair goes to Victor’s deathbed. He commits the most heinous crimes and shows a terrifying volatility, having “murdered the lovely and the helpless”, yet he seeks forgiveness at the side of his dead creator, expressing regret for his actions (146-148). At the deathbed of Victor, the creature laments that he “the miserable and the abandoned” is “an abortion, to be spurned at, and kicked, and trampled” and resents this injustice, for he is was he was created to be

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