Role Of Family In Frankenstein

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As seen in Frankenstein, family plays a key element in the development of each character. Victor Frankenstein was nourished by his family from crib to grave and they served as a support system for him. In contrast, The Creature was abandoned from the day he was created. It was the lack of family that drove the creature to seek revenge on his creator, Victor Frankenstein. The two passages above, one from Frankenstein, and one from The Creature, highlight their perspectives on life having either been supported by a family or growing up with no parental guidance. This shows a parallel relationship between the two passages. Ultimately they both end up left in solitary, only having each other.
In The Creature’s passage, he talks about his desire for a family. It is now evident he comprehends the meaning of family and the role a father …show more content…

Perhaps, if a human such as Frankenstein had accepted the creature, onlookers would have had an easier time welcoming someone with his appearance into their presence. Society’s false perception of what makes someone “normal” is what altered their first impression of The Creature. People had a hard time distinguishing the difference between mind and body, which resulted in The Creature’s undesired abandonment and a gut filled with hatred towards his creator.
In contrast, Victor Frankenstein refers to his family in a positive way several times throughout the novel. From his earliest memories, Frankenstein recalls his family being there for him. He describes his parents by saying “My parents were possessed by the very spirit of kindness and indulgence”(Shelly __) Kindness and indulgence are two specific traits that one should inhabit when taking care of others. Another strong relationship in Frankenstein’s life is with his “sister” Elizabeth. As he was expected to marry her, he confided in her and grew up as one of her best

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