Victor Frankenstein Monster Relationship Essay

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Victor Frankenstein and the Monster have a one-of-a-kind relationship. Although they both express differences, each of them have undeniable similarities. Through their interactions with each other they grow more alike until their life goals became one. Frankenstein and the monster both experience the hardships of loneliness, tragedy of loss, and recurrent thoughts of revenge. Frankenstein, as well as the creature, experienced great loss in their lives. Frankenstein's first loss followed soon after the creation of the creature, when Frankenstein's brother and sister-in-law died from the hands of the monster. On top of the grief, Frankenstein felt the guilt of inadvertently causing their deaths due to the monster he created.. For the creature, …show more content…

After all of their experiences that they had through their lives they each dragged each other down to the same levels and each became the bare minimum of human. After the creation of the monster Frankenstein's life became a rollercoaster and a twisted downward spiral. With the actions of the creature Frankenstein lost his brother, his brother's wife, and his soon to be wife Elizabeth. All these actions were part of the consequence that he received from meddling in the unknown and playing God. He became so consumed with revenge on his creation that he gave up on his life and every chance of happiness to achieve this goal of destruction. Even with the destruction of his life and dreams his creation continued to roam the earth just out of his reach. With the end of his life near he asked Robert Walton to continue his search to kill his creation. For the monster the story isn't the same but the outcome it chooses lead it down a similar path. From birth his appearance alone drove off all humans that he came in contact with and killing the chance at any form of bond. After learning about humans by watching a family's daily routine for months he discovers how to speak english as well as read and write. With his new skills he has the ability to read a few notes that Frankenstein had made about his creation and this knowledge horrified him. With this discovery of how his creation came

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