Frankenstein And Ultron Comparison

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The story Frankenstein by Mary Shelley has been molded and shaped to create many different types of story plots and characters. There are many different types of media that relate back to the original but then add their own little twist into the mix. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a story about a scientist who created another human being, who he then abandons, and now the monster is getting revenge on Frankenstein by inflict havoc on his family. An example of this would be the movie Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron and the relationship between Ultron and his main creator Tony Stark. Tony creates Ultron out of nemesis’ Loki’s sceptre and Ultron decides to wipe out mankind off the face of the earth. They are similar in the way the creators created their monsters and their ability to admit their wrong doings, but the monsters are difference it in their outlook on the world. …show more content…

Victor created his monster because he thought he might be doing humanity a favor by creating an evolution in science and man. There’s also another side to Victor that makes it seem that he has a sort of desire to become like a God figure to his new “humans”. When Tony was creating Ultron, his main idea was that he could leave Ultron and his defense force to help protect the world when the Avengers can’t. Ultron was originally designed and built to help humanity and keep them safe. Similar to Victor, Tony had a bit of a God complex that was mixed into his personality, but unlike Victor, Tony didn’t create Ultron to become like a God, he created him because he knew he could do

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