Frankenstein And Brave New World Comparison Essay

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The Creation of Human Life

The laboratory from where the creature in Frankenstein was created, to the DHC in Brave New World , and the creation of humans by God in Paradise lost all share one thing in common. They both share the common theme which the art and science of creating a human life. All three of the novels want to have pure human beings free from disease and distress. But the novels also want to have social stability.

As the plot begins in Frankenstein we are introduced to a group of explorers of which Victor is part of on a journey to a new world . On the journey Victor gains interest in electricity and life. With this knowledge Victor goes to creates a creature that learns how to control his emotions. It wasn’t until later in the novel where the creature became uncontrollable and very evil. In the process of creating the monster,Victor does not design him to where he can control his emotions. This feeling of not being able to control what we create frightens scientist. This an example of how science becomes more a a hazard of orr safety than it does to help our society.

Paradise lost begins with the introduction of Adam and …show more content…

That theme is the art and science of creating human beings. Some of the similarities between the novels is that in both Frankenstein and Brave new world are desperate for having a perfect society where there are no issues. Another similarity between Brave New World and Frankenstein is that in brave new world the society was artificially created and were controlled by the drug soma. While the same thing occurred in Frankenstein but in this novel a monster was created in a way where he can control his emotions. Paradise lost is also similar to Frankenstein and Brave New World because in each book has a person who created a society. For and example Victor created the monster in Frankenstein, God created the humans, and the DHC in Brave new world created the

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