Blade Runner And Frankenstein Comparison Essay

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While some differences between Blade Runner and Frankenstein are evident the similarities are quite clear. In both works the common theme is the hubris of man and how we try to play god and change nature. One of the main differences between these works is the time in which they take place. Frankenstein is the story of Victor Frankenstein who in his youth and arrogance believes he can play god and reanimate the dead. To this end he builds a giant monstrous cadaver of different parts that he recovered from other bodies, he assembles this and uses lightning to try to reanimate it. He succeeds but his success leads his creation to kill a large part of his family and causes Victor to hunt the monster for the rest of his life. Two of the points that …show more content…

He believes that his lack of a wife is a flaw and wishes to be corrected. The other point is the time in which it is being placed in, the beginning of understanding science and other phenomenon. This age symbolizes the exploration of the natural world and its laws, the book acknowledges this in Victors learning of Chemistry and Anatomy. But in this theme there is also the message of warning that there are some things we are not meant to know, and that some laws of nature cannot be tampered with. Now Blade Runner is the story of a police specialist called Deckard who is tasked with hunting down and killing four artificial humans called replicants, who had illegally come to a future dystopian earth. These replicants came to earth for one reason to find their creator and to extend their lives. The replicants are comparative to the monster the main one is called Roy Batty and is the prideful creation of Tyrell. Unlike the monster he is designed to be the perfect being, strong, very intelligent, and beautiful. He came to earth to have his creator to fix the flaw of his four year life

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