Compare And Contrast Victor Frankenstein And The Monster

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Frankenstein In most fiction stories, there are always two characters that do or do not represent different sides of the same character. Frankenstein is a short gothic horror story written by Mary Shelley. Shelley writes about a scientist who created a being from dead body parts. Victor Frankenstein as the protagonist of the story created a monstrous character that was a reflection of himself. In Frankenstein, Shelley presents two characters who represent the different sides of the same character. The monster was a clear reflection of his creator because; they had the same development, same pain and suffering, and were recluses. Victor and the monster did not physically resemble each other, but they had the same personality and traits, therefore, …show more content…

However, despite the fact that they have slight differences, when comparing their experiences and characterization, it is apparent that they are more similar than they are different. They are similar because, they both lived in isolation, were abandoned, and lived like outcasts in the modern society. They both lived in isolation because other people thought that they were different. For instance, Victor Frankenstein was left all alone at a tender age after the death of his mother, and he never got a feeling of having a family. In addition, Victor was obsessed with dead bodies and creating a being. Due to this, he was isolated from the society and he started creating his creature. His isolation persisted especially after he created a hideous being that brought destruction and pain to the people. Similarly, just like Victor, the creature lived in isolation because he was left alone by his creator after he created him. The monster never got a chance to experience a mother or fatherly love just like his creator. Moreover, he also lived in isolation because of his monstrous appearance that made people to reject him. Victor created a monstrous and deformed being that was feared and rejected by the society; this made the society to shun away from the creature leaving him all alone. Both the creature and his creator were outcasts and lived in isolation from the rest of the

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