The Power Of Knowledge In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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The power of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. However, it is not always the content or amount of knowledge that is dangerous. It is the person behind that knowledge that has the potential to bring danger to society. No tale represents this better than Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein. Monsters and myths can be scary or frightening to young children. However, as we grow, we learn that these scary stories are meant to teach us something. Mary Shelley’s novel is a great example. The first adaptation can be classified as a translation. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a film that was created with the full purpose of following the novel as close as possible. Nearly the entire film copies the novel to a perfect T. Characters, language and especially…show more content…
His looks and actions put him on the path of being a monster. I think it can be accredited to these factors that the Monster is the focal point of monstrosity. Yet, I also think that we can call Victor a monster. However, it is not with the same qualifications as his counterpart. I classify Victor as a monster because through his lucid thought process, he abuses his power of knowledge. Through reanimation, he created and abandons his Monster, leaving society in the mix of the Monster’s rage and vengeance. I believe that it is through this that he destroys his family and the name of…show more content…
Some of these characters also present theories and plot changes that contrast the novel and other film. The first of these characters is Igor. His name is pronounced eye-gore; this is done so on purpose to add to the overall comedic tone of the film. While he doesn’t add a message to the film, Igore is a great addition for some laughs. Another added character is the lab assistant, Inga. She represents the stereotypical lab assistant that falls in love with the doctor and has an affair with the doctor. Her character is key to some plot changes at the end of the film. For example, when the Creature goes off and marries Elizabeth, Frederick’s fiance. I think she also plays a role in the Creature’s upbringing, which ultimately leads to the success of Frederick’s
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