Misuse Of Knowledge In Frankenstein

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The idea of knowledge in the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley interprets knowledge as an evil pursuit. The knowlege is misused, due to Victor, the monster, and the interference with nature. Theses reasons are different perspectives that lead to tragedies.

The novel Frankenstein identifies Victor's desire to gain knowledge as misusing it. The misuse of knowlege he gains is trying to create life. Victor should not interefere with nature. Creating life from Victor leads to a tragedy, due to the abomination le let choose on the world. Interefering with nature always tries to create balance, in this case Victor's creation led to the fall of lis family. Victor's knowledge was dangerous because the outcome led to mejor destructions.

Furthermore, the monster that Victor created also ledo to the misuse of knowledge. The monster was eager to gain knowledge to understand his faith. However, when the monster gains knowledge he is …show more content…

I believe human cloning interferes with nature in ways humanity will not be able to handle. This source states, " This could lead to a set of problems that we have no ability to handle." The evidence suggests that human cloning can lead to the fall of humanity, due to clones becoming soverienty. However, some people believe that human cloning can be useful, due to assisting with unlawful interests. I beleive that this will only create misuse of knowledge in trying to correct clones in right paths.

Victor, the monster, and human clones all lead to the danger of knowledge and the interference with nature. This creates a negative impaact that causes the destruction of others. For instance, Victor's misuse of knowledge led to the fall of his family. The monster's knowldege led to negative thoughts, due to not being equal. Plus, human clones will lead to misuse of knowledge as well, due to becoming the authority and not being

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