Knowledge Is Power In Frankenstein Essay

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Knowledge is power and power is what leads to self destruction of Victor Frankenstein; an easily influenced man who sows he is not the male figure he wants to be. Victor lived a simple life, starting as a child who has everything he possibly could possibly want; a family, a house, an above all happiness. However, it all alter when he loses his mother, the traumatic event causes the family to switch gear and face he heart ache to something else. Escapism through knowledge is what led Victor's secrecy. "The world was to me to secret which I desire to divine, curiosity, earnest research to learn hidden laws of nature, gladness akin to rapture, as they were unfolded to me, are among the earliest sensations I can remember." Victor has a desire to acquire more knowledge, with is he is power hungry and …show more content…

Haunted by the drive to escape the world he lives in Victor creates a being to achieve the status of maximum power and knowledge. Consequently, he creates a depiction of the little boy he once was. Abandoning his creation and keeping the secret of its existence is what shapes him to become the man he attempts to avoid. Both Torvald and Victor exhibit strong traits of male dominancy and because of this they have the desire to portray their version of a picturesque lifestyle. Within this lifestyle encumbers secrecy that causes the character to self- destruct. Whether it be attempting to be something they are not or acquiring knowledge to contribute to escapism, Torvald and Victor allowed their escape from the world to haunt their minds and continue a charade in which they are the best versions of themselves all the time. Torvald in wanted to keep a perfect life and Victor in attempting to keep a perfect high status above those beyond average. Traumatic events and misleading fortune show unnatural adaptation and ones demise which contributes to the desired outlook of a person vs. the

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