Comparing Hitler's Differences And Similarities Of Hitler And Stalin And Hitler

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How similar were Stalin and Adolf ? Stalin and Hitler were dictators that both tried overthrow leaders. Stalin and Hitler are both horrible and monstrous that are responsible of thousand of deaths but these two men’s are still very different. Stalin and Hitler had both a very similar early life. Stalin was born in 1879 in Georgia, Russia. Hitler was born in 1889 in Austria. Both had a very difficult childhood and did not go on with their Fathers which were absent later on. What differenced them was school, Stalin was actually good at school contrarily to Hitler that was not academic and rejected. Following this he struggled to make a living in the streets. He after this joined the German army in 1914 and won WW1.They both had criminal activities, Stalin took part in violent bank raids to raise money for the communist party he was part of, he wanted to overthrow the tsar. Hitler after WW1 was sent to spy on the German workers party. He later found out that actually agreed with most of their ideas which by a result of this joined. He was subsequently to this made leader Hitler then tried to overthrow the government but failed and was sent to prison. Hitler and Stalin’s early lives are very similar: tough, dreadful, And may of influenced their lives afterwards. Hitler and Stalin’s belief were very different, Hitler believed the Aryan race was superior, that German blood should to be polluted by people that were not perfect at his eyes, blood from other countries, Jews,

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