Hitler And Stalin Comparison

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How similar were Stalin and Adolf ?

Stalin and Hitler were dictators that both tried overthrow leaders. Stalin and Hitler are both horrible and monstrous that are responsible of thousand of deaths but these two men’s are still very different.

Stalin and Hitler had both a very similar early life. Stalin was born in 1879 in Georgia, Russia. Hitler was born in 1889 in Austria. Both had a very difficult childhood and did not go on with their Fathers which were absent later on. What differenced them was school, Stalin was actually good at school contrarily to Hitler that was not academic and rejected. Following this he struggled to make a living in the streets. He after this joined the German army in 1914 and won WW1.They both had criminal activities,
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Stalin was seen as slow, steady, dull, and unimaginative. He was as well Ruthless and devious and was not a great speaker. How could he rise to power? He actually had a low profile and was very tricky. To rise to power he tricked Trotsky, who was at the time Stalin’s opponent. He wanted to USSR to spread communism across the world. The ruthless Stalin told Trotsky that Lenin’s funerals, Lenin was the leader of the party at the time, were 26th January which were actually the 27th.Trotky that was in south of Russia could not make it in time for 26th and in result to this decided to stay where he was. After all this people did not want Trotsky to be leader of the party they though he was a bad person. In the end Stalin became leader. Hitler’s rise to power very different, following a great depression Germany has economic problems, Hitler who was very powerful, charismatic and inspiring promises to resolves their issues. And became leader of Germany. This makes their rise to power very different Stalin by trickery and Hitler by inspiring…show more content…
Stalin would have a large secret police forces, spies and informers everywhere. Children were quizzed on their parents to see if they were good communists. He was ruthless with political opponents, purged all people who might have been a threat within his party. Furthermore, government would control all newspapers and radio stations, churches were closed and religious, religion was replaced by belief in communism. He would show lovely posters for people to think that he is the best. Hitler would have a recruitment system very strict, soldiers that were trained to be ruthless and fiercely loyal. The SS could arrest people without warrant and search houses. Hitler later on built concentration camps, in these he would send people, he though was not perfect to his eyes: they would be either exterminated or would have to do hard labour. Hitler even had a secret called Gestapo; they could open your mails, tap telephones, arrest and torture people without going through courts. How horrible is this? Over more people like Goebbels were hired to make sure people only received one sided part of the information. Hitler ideas were presented in way everyone would love them. Nazi recreated History to make Hitler look really good. This shows that Stalin and Hitler would control their country in very similar ways; they make themselves look really good but in
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