Napoleon And Hitler Comparison Essay

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The similarities are between these two are just equal as the difference between them. Napoleon and Hitler both fought for countries they were not born in, and both fought a common enemy in the British. Napoleon was born as part of the French kingdom, not the mainland though. And Hitler was Austrian. Both were short in stature, both visionaries and motivators of men and of their ideas. Both men lost their campaigns in Russia. Their are so many things that are eerily similar between these two men, but there are also very different aspects as well. While each different in their backgrounds and ideals, their expeditions and military mistakes are one in the same, even thought they take place hundreds of years apart. Each one grew up in different economics classes. Napoleon was from a wealthy noble family and was catapulted to the top of the army in only a few years after enlistment. Hitler was from a broken home and with the death of his mother in december of 1907 and father in january of 1903. He then …show more content…

Napoleon invaded Russia on june 24th 1812 in hopes of taking control of the vast empire. He did not know what Russia’s winter had in store for him and his men. 200,010 men died. He was forced to retreat in december of 1812. Hitler did not learn form the mistakes of Napoleon. He invaded Russia on june 22nd 1941. He thought this would be a quick campaign, but just like his counterpart his army retreated fully by december 5th 1941. Both men began in late june and both are out by december. As there last days as leaders both men requested their armies to fight to the death. Napoleon was captured and sent to exile. Hitler was being attacked on both fronts he may or may not have taken his own life in a bunker in berlin. These two men have proven that history will constantly repeat itself. That humans like this will always find a way to make a very crucial error that will lead to their

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