Why Is Napoleon Bonaparte A Tyrant

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Napoleon Bonaparte is a highly debated figure in academic circles pertaining to if he was a tyrant or a good leader. The knowledge most commonly associated with Napoleon paints him as an intelligent, successful military leader and emperor of France. As stated by Napoleon "history is a set of lies agreed upon". Which I find to be a very truthful and appropriate statement from a man whose history is concealed in lies. This essay will be discussing how Napoleon Bonaparte was indeed a tyrant. Which is defined as a cruel and oppressive ruler? He was indeed a cruel and oppressive rule to the French people and how his tyranny affected a majority of Europe.
Napoleon Buonaparte was born August 15, 1769, on a small island named Corsica which is a French …show more content…

Napoleon wanted to bring slavery back. He was stated to be a very racist man. Shannon states that Napoleon often referred to Bedouins, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Africans as "savages" and notes that when the French revolution abolished slavery that the policy was not fully implemented (cite). Napoleon thought he was right and just for enslaving the people of color for they were below white man. In his mind, he felt he was doing the white man a favor. Eventually, he was exiled for the first time due to his distasteful leadership skills. He eventually learned slavery was wrong.
The first time Napoleon was exiled. He was exiled to an island off the coast of Italy known as Elba. Napoleon escaped and returned to France and resumed rule which history notes as a period of time called the hundred days. During which he fought the European coalition that had allied against him (cite). In a battle that historians refer to as the battle of Waterloo which had taken place sometime June 1815. After the battle of Waterloo Napoleon was exiled a second time but this time to the island St Helena, a remote British Island in the south Atlantic, where he died in exile on May 5th,

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