Why Is Jose Antonio Important

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Jose Antonio Navarro was a very important man because he was involved in the Texas Revolution. He was born on February 27, 1795, and he was sent to Saltillo, Mexico as a young child, and injured his leg that didn 't heal properly which caused him to have a limp. The same year he injured his leg father died from a severe illness. He learned the merchant trade which was his father´s occupation, and has his own trade post, but specialized in Mexican Law. Which didn´t really make any sense. He met his future wife named Margarita de la Garza at his merchant stand, and immediately fell in love. Jose and Margarita has a daughter named Maria Casimira del Carmen in the spring of 1817. He was happy about there being a new trade port on the coast of Texas at La Bahia, because he thought he could open a new trade post to help raise money for his family, which did not work because the other merchants would not let him sell near them, because, they thought he would out-sell them, which he did. …show more content…

Some days he would be chained and fed poorly, because he would disobey the guard 's orders, but he never regretted his decisions he made. About a year later he was ordered to be released by Jose Joaquin de Herrera. Before he was ordered to be released he escaped the prison then left to Texas, and went straight to Sam Houston. He was asked to go on the Santa Fe Expedition by President Lamar, right after he got out of prison. He went from being a servant to being an Alcalde, which means a mayor. He returned to San Antonio after the Texas Revolution. After returning to San Antonio he wrote a letter to Sam Houston about improper language. Jose wrote it because he wanted everyone to use proper language. Sam Houston did not approve of the letter, but instead Mirabeau B. Lamar approved of it because he was the president at the time. He believed in education is the key to all

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