Miguel Hidalgo: An Epic Hero

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Miguel Hidalgo When people think of an epic hero, do they think of an epic hero as being only a story-base character or can they be real people? Miguel Hidalgo certainly fits the epic hero exemplar. He has strong enough qualities that can support an answer stating that, real people are able to represent an epic hero. Most people define an epic hero as “brave and noble character in an epic poem, admired for great achievements or affected by grand events”(The Definition). Miguel Hidalgo can be seen as an epic hero in modern society because he has courage, has affected many people from his actions, and rose to a high position. Miguel Hidalgo showed a great deal of courage during his existence. Without his courage, he would of never been able …show more content…

His foundation was a priest, nevertheless he had interest in political and social discussion ( New World). When he was first called upon to a parish, he brought along his ideas with him. Miguel Hidalgo was a normal commoner, passion for literature, learned several indigenous languages, wrote in Aztec, organized local communities, received a bachelor’s for theology in 1773 and, ordained in 1778 (New World). His earlier career was very uneventful only consisted of becoming a parish priest for the town of Dolores. That being said, his later years were his peak of his course, he will soon change the country’s beliefs for the next decade. Dolores, the town that his Cry occurred, was filled with parishioners for Miguel that agreed and supported him, even if called upon to fight with him. Miguel was not really a person the looked upon violence but did believe in certain occasions it will be needed. The beliefs of this individual were different at first, no one really knows when his ideas about the Spanish monarchy changed, but many assumed that it occurred when Ferdinand VII was thrown out of his throne and replaced by Bonaparte (New World). As a result, he became the leader for the development of rebelling from the new Spanish monarchy. Miguel became the main chief for the battles, and marchers even though he was not an military commander ,people trusted him. He marched for days,nights,weeks, and months as finally he battled for the Capital, Mexico City. His efforts were not strong enough and some say not wise. His leadership along side with Allende was enough for thousands of men agreed to fight for their liberty. When he was finally captured and executed, his accomplishments were seen by “All the city's dignitaries and officials” as a representation of the wave of the future.(New World). This

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