Examples Of An Epic Hero In The Odyssey

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An epic hero is a character that performs amazing feats and journeys on an impressive expedition that captivates the reader. Accordingly, one might ask who qualifies for this position. The Odyssey by Homer gives the perfect example with its main character. Odysseus is an epic hero because he displays being a larger than life character, is assisted by supernatural forces, and is not perfect.
Odysseus demonstrates being a hero without super powers by escaping the Kyklops using just his smarts. An epic hero does not possess superpowers, similar to eveyones favorite movie characters; but utilizes their natural strength and itelligence. This is on full display when Odysseus tricks the Kyklops by giving him a false name, allowing him and his shipmates …show more content…

As previously mentioned, Odysseus uses his intelligence escape the Kyklops. Later after that event, Odysseus and his shipmates ride out on the underbellies of the Kyklop’s rams, allowing them to go undetected by other island inhabitants. By the time they find themselves back on board their ship, the Kyklops has stumbled out onto shore. He begins to hurl giant boulders at the ship. Odysseus’s crewmates warn him not to tempt th creature yet again, however Odysseus’s pride overtakes him and he can resist. He must let the Kyklops know who was capable of fooling him. Therefore he shouts, “Tell him Odysseus, raider of cities, took your eye…” (Homer, line numbers 528 - 529). As it would play out, later in the story this causes him to be cursed by Poseidon. This is due to the fact that Poseidon is the Kyklops’s father. Nevertheless, one excerpt from this portion of the novel shows that he not only possesses the negative trait of pride, but also anger. It states, “I…in my glorying spirit… let my anger flare…” (Homer, line numbers 524 - 525). Not only does Odysseus desire the Kyklops to know it was him to make his name greater, but also because he became overcome with anger for being put through all the trials and tribulations he was put through. It is beneficial to acknowledge that even legendary heroes have flaws and do not live perfect

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