Examples Of Greek Evil In The Odyssey

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The eight Greek evil thoughts held a key part in how a person lived their daily lives and how a person lived by those rules that they held to a crucial part of their lives. These rules were the moral code of a Grecian daily life and were expected to be followed until the day that you die. The epic, The Odyssey, is written by the scholar Homer. When Odysseus travels to the Cyclops cave he does not expect that in a short amount of time that he would lose some of his men because of the Cyclops devouring them. Through, cunning wit and manipulation, also the use of alcohol, Odysseus and his men stab the Cyclops in his eye and escape the island with the stolen herd that had belonged to the now blind Cyclops. Odysseus in this scene is portrayed with the two evil thoughts hyperphania (false pride) and kenodoxia (boasting). …show more content…

Odysseus yells, “...tell him Odysseus, raider of cities, took your eye: Laertes’ son whose home’s on Ithaca (The Cyclops 505-506).” The most well-connected Greek evil thought is the abuse of false pride in the name of seeking praise in which it is not deserved, this is important to the context of the story because of Odysseus feeling the pride of harming a son of a god and wanting to see the praise showered upon him and not his other men. In the scene where Odysseus meets the Cyclops, he boasts about where he is from and what he had to do to get to the island to meet the

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