Essay On Odysseus Is An Epic Hero

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If you were to think about a man with great abilities like being strong, courageous and intelligent, you could think of people you personally or like me, you could think of someone such as Odysseus. Odysseus fits the definition of an epic hero because he is quick thinking, strong and courageous. Odysseus is one quick thinking individual. He has gotten him and his crew out some some sticky situations with his clever plans. One of these plans were how to get away from Polyphemus, a cyclops who was the son of Poseidon. Odysseus and his men had gotten stuck in Polyphemus’s cave with no way out and unluckily for them, this cyclops liked to snack on men. Odysseus needed to think of a way to get them out of there and fast before they all became lunch to Polyphemus. Odysseus’s plan was to offer him wine and to get on his good side before he had gotten drowsy and went to bed. After the cyclops had fallen asleep, Odysseus started putting his plan into action. He had taken the trunk of an olive tree and started carving away at the edges to make a spear shape. After the spear was made Odysseus and his men had put the giant wooden spear into fire to hear it up to make it even more …show more content…

An example shining his courage is when him and his men had to go past Scylla when he knew any of them could die and he was also putting himself in danger. Another example is when he chose to be tied up for the passing of the Sirens. This was a courageous act because no other mortal man had been able to do that and make it out alive. One last example is When he came home to all of the suitors in his house. This is courageous because the suitors only cared about getting Penelope and if they cared so much about that why would they want Odysseus to come home to ruin their chances? It was also courageous when him and Telemachus fought off the remaining suitors because they were both greatly

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