Examples Of The Archetype For Defeating Goliath

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The archetype of the epic hero is a timeless and universal concept that has been explored throughout history in literature and mythology. The epic hero embodies many of the attributes associated with heroism, such as courage, intelligence, and resourcefulness. Noah is known for assembling the Ark and surviving the Great Flood, whereas David is remembered for defeating Goliath. Both characters have distinct characteristics and challenges that distinguish them as great epic heroes. Although some argue that Noah is a great example of an epic hero, David is the greatest embodiment of the archetype for defeating Goliath, the giant warrior, and becoming the King of Israel.
The way David faced Goliath demonstrates his bravery and courage.
“The hero may encounter a numinous phenomenon (a place or person having a divine or supernatural force) such as a haunted wood or enchanting sorceress that he must use strength, cunning, and divine assistance to overcome,” according to the victorian web. Goliath was a giant warrior who the Israelites thought was invincible. Saul states in the text,“You are not able to go out against this Philistine and fight him; you are only a young man, and he has been a warrior from his youth.” He was armed with a coat of armor, a spear, and a sword, whereas David was armed only with a sling and a stone. David's willingness to face Goliath despite the odds, shows his great bravery and courage. …show more content…

An epic hero falls into one of two patterns according to the victorian web, one of them being, “the hero's fighting without conventional weapons”. David was able to defeat Goliath by using a sling and a stone, which were not considered to be conventional weapons for a

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