Similarities Between Beowulf And Hercules

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Hercules is very similar to Beowulf, an epic hero. They both share certain qualities, including some that make them desirable to each one's culture. Beowulf is valuable to the Anglo-Saxon people, and Hercules to the Greek people. Although Hercules was originally a foolish boy who made mistakes, he grew into a fabulous hero who is there to save the day. Hercules is a Beowulf-style hero because he has qualities of an epic hero, and is treasured by a group of people. An epic hero is one of great strengths and supernatural abilities. Beowulf is unable to be harmed by certain weapons, and Hercules has great strength. They also both go on a quest. Beowulf seeks to kill the evil Grendel, Hercules set out on a quest to complete the 12 labors. Both

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