Qualities Of An Epic Hero Essay

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The quest starts with a protagonist who needs something or someone to import. It requires tremendous amount of effort to gain. The protagonist calls for someone to manage the quest or he might go on the quest by himself. A long and tiring journey continues on which the protagonist goes alone or with comrades. The protagonist usually has to overcome difficulties during the journey either before the object is gained or after the object is gained. During the long journey, the protagonist might get forced to end the quest for some various reasons. On the aim of these causes, the protagonist might continue the quest or not. On the arrival at the destination, the protagonist probably look for the object or the person who possess it. The protagonist might or might not overlook some challenges before gaining the object. If the protagonist fails the challenge, the protagonist may not gain the object. The quest is done when the protagonist comes back with the object. …show more content…

But, the role of the protagonist, and the characteristics that they attain in a lot of ways became growingly determined since the creation. The epic hero is meant to be idealistic figure of the city that the hero had lived from. The hero possesses many different qualities that the people want to imitate which usually means that the heroes are physically idealistic and is strongly virtuous. The hero will boost in combat. The hero’s virtue usually consider around an overwhelming sense of what is wrong and what is right and will begin them to have great potential harm in these ideals. Usually the epic hero will be known to be greater than the ordinary man. Also, the hero is not mischievous, but shares familiar characteristics of humanity. The hero will have eagers for things as power and

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